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What does it mean to be social media family?

The organization of team efforts working to achieve a combined reach can result in fantastic things. When amatures take on social media and win it’s glorious. You may not suspect the querky genius next door to be famous. Later come to find their viral video was just a precursor to a social media teams ability to configure maximization that monetizes. It’s likely the guy next door that hits it on YouTube is most definately querky in some way. Otherwise, there might be no interest in watching. Obviously, there are only so many standout celeberity characters willing to take on the masses.

Social media hurts sometimes.

A social media family can assist in thwarting social media’s most curious character. In the moments you think to yourself; “Why do people have time to roast me in my chat?” Remember the times you may have dropped the bully comment into the chat as a prank? Not everyone has tested the waters. In real life people sometimes test the waters. Social media families can assist in the protection of one another. Did you know that a crowd funder is more likely to fund when four people dedicate their interest into assiting a cause? Imagine a need.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a social media family that can exceed the reach most likely to fund a crowd funder?
The truth about crowd funders is that the majority of funded campaigns get responses from real life first degree association. It’s most likely that the first degree circle will be the most likely to assist a crowd funder.

How many influencers host crowd funding interests?

The answer to this question is still unknown. The VSCO Girl song is trending however.

The VSCO Girl social media family response is something that’s creating interest all over the internet.

How does it work?

The Z Generation notices that devices has provided the ability for independent fame to create opportunity for luxury lifestyle. These aren’t pipe dreams anymore. Applications like Tiktok have provided a place to launch music for recording artists like Christian Sutter. In 2015 another question was trending that resulted in social media fame. Much like monkey see monkey do tatics. A singular name was replaced with a catagorization of those existing on social media; “Are you a VSCO Girl?”


This alliance is no joke. The basic of the earth want to know that you are VSCO. The best way to answer the question for an eGirl may sound like; “I am a VSCO girl when I’m not an eGirl.”

Basic social media is easy and even eGirls will want to use the #VSCOGirl hashtag to enter the massive reach.


It may be the desire of the Z generation that place a high value on becoming famous. It’s clear to see from the Tiktok applications trending audio wheels can increase a profiles reach. The methods are many when attempting fame. The entry into the audio wheel takes ePeople.


Take the VSCO plunge into a non basic pool. The pool is luxury. That will assist the eGirl in sustaining her current marketing virtues. The eGirl knows that people may come to read her social media. The eGirl knows its a battle for search engine optimization. The eGirl knows that her media can present the opportunity that will cause others to respond like ferocious VSCO lionesses. Pride for ePeople and VSCO lifestyle are diverse. How do things get started is a great question. In real Tiktok news, a comedy audio based upon a VSCO Girl vs eGirl war in the cafeteria was started. We don’t know if mom ever made it to pick anyone up. Somewhere in the multiverse that’s really going on folks. Thankfully, earthlings are only Tiktoking the inspiration of what could possibly result from all this social media buzz.


Creating challenges inspiring social media families to get their ass out there from time to time is what this website is about. If you’ve ever lit up a stage with your act you already know why internet famous is the goal. It’s fun to sift through the sea of comments when the wave rolls in. Because it’s fun. People keep coming back for more. And, that’s how virtual categorizations of social media categories appear to start a war. It’s propaganda that made an otherwise basic lifestyle interesting enough to manifest the ePeople into existance. Let’s all stay on the same side and enjoy it for the humor life brings us.

Caution : Only VSCO style brave ePeople that truly want to save the turtles should attempt the VSCO plunge. Declaring yourself to be both is being neutral if the VSCO vs ePeople war was to become actual. Take the #VSCOPlunge to the song if you want to be on the safe side.