Beourfam.com is about social media families stories.

The realization of social media families developing and creating themselves is one that happens naturally. The world is full of people. There are lovers and haters. They say; “The sweetness of honey attracts more flies.” However, flies are bothersome aren’t they? If you’re finding a bitter sweet reality wishing to be a part of something larger than join BeOurFam.com! The stories found here are blog posts created independently that offer implementations where symbiotic relationships can exist. Did you know, that 1 in 1,000 are potential bullies on the internet? Internet bullying needs to be stoped. Perhaps, an internet social media family will rise up to offer the world a campaign that teaches social media users better than to bully. Did you know? Adolesent psychology sometimes results in what appears as bullying when attraction occurs? In other words, our earliest roots of adolesent development are potentially askew. In order to evolve beyond the adolesent development of social media there’s great reason to be protective of social media. A social media family can represent a group that can brainstorm and prevent the wrong post from leaking to the public. Even superstars have had their social media managed by professionals in the entertainment industry. This site has been developed by the “Daddies Kids” creator of the Daddy Kid Power’s of Ten album. Where efforts to create a family of social media following are represented in uplifting cutting edge new music on the Powers of Ten album. There are some grown up lyrics in the song. But, it’s like a family isn’t it? We should all have someone monitoring our social media from time to time. If, we did, than perhaps there wouldn’t be kids bullied on the internet. Since there are kids bullied on the internet it’s a cause. The causes that can invoke the response from the child wishing to be protected is one that’s synonyms with worldly laws.¬† Social media families are diverse in their followings and can’t be held accountable for everyone that follows their music offerings. It was with the effort to provide music that would give an uplifting set of words, that touched the reality of our procreation, to procure¬† songs like Want To Smash. Start a family or join one! Enjoy reading on BeOurFam.com!

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